Carnie's Comments


It's time for Facebook Friday! I find the funnies just for you.

Like this one, "You know you're a bad driver when Siri says, 'In 400 feet, stop and let me out'."

Here's a friend who says, "I just want to apologize to the people I called old at 40 when I was 18."

This guy, "If you ever read the stuff I post and wonder what's wrong with me, imagine how I must feel about it."

I like this one, "I did some financial planning and it looks like I can retire at age 97 and live comfortably for 11 minutes."

This female friend of mine shares, "When I said make yourself at home, I meant go wash my dishes."

Here's a mom who says, "My patience is basically like a gift card. Not sure how much is left on it but we can give it a try."

Some advice, "Do NOT accept friend requests from Hormel Foods. It could be SPAM!"

And one more, "Dating apps? No thanks. If I wanted to talk to someone for hours and accomplish nothing, I'd contact tech support."