Carnie's Comments


I'm feeling some pressure from a couple of angles - social pressure and peer pressure.

Apparently my IPhone-6 is passé.

It was earlier this month a highly respected, local citizen looked at the phone in my hand and asked, "What is that?  Is that an IPhone-6?"

I said, "I'm not sure.  Maybe."

He told me it's time to get a new one and that he has the "12".  Apparently it's way better and the camera is next level.

My cell phone journey started with the radio station-issued Motorola bag phone.  It was beauty.  I had a Blackberry for a time and then an LG cell phone.  It didn't have a keyboard - just a keypad, so texting was tedious.

I've had two IPhones since and the IPhone 6 has been with me for a few years now.  I like it.  It works and I'm not sure I'll remember all the passwords I have when I make the move to a new phone.  This is stressful.

However, this past weekend, a comedian I saw on TV brought some levity to my situation.

He said he was just like an IPhone 6...he's "missing a few features but he's affordable and gets the job done".

Take that, techies!