Carnie's Comments


I got the message at 6:56 PM Saturday, just minutes before the opening faceoff at the Warriors game at the Moose Jaw Events Centre.

"How do we get the music turned down before the game, " she wrote.  "I think they were trying to blow the speakers!!  Lol...just venting...thanks for listening."

I wrote back, "I wish we could go back to the organist playing The Baby Elephant walk every game!"

She said, "Me too buddy."

It's not just me who longs for the old days when you could hear the coaches yelling out instructions or berating the officials.  The organist wouldn't play when that was happening.  We had a feel for the game and all the sounds back then.  I think it was better.

Oh, I was all in favour of the rock 'em sock 'em hockey and the loud rock 'n roll for a time.  Times change.

I bounced it off my much younger co-workers in a meeting one day.  I told them about how we used to have a live organist and a trumpet player to entertain and inspire the hockey fans and how I'd like us to go back to that.

They were all smirking.

When I asked them if they thought I was onto something or if I'm just old and crusty the smirks turned to smiles and one of them said, "Yes, you're just old and crusty."