Carnie's Comments


As an upstanding, tax paying citizen in the country of Canada, I'm a little upset today.

The national price on pollution is up on this April Fools' Day by $15 per tonne. It's not a joke.

I've learned the "consumer levy" that affects you and me also impacts small business, our First Nations and our public-sector operations like municipalities, schools and hospitals.

So, the cost of gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane goes up today along with goods like food and clothing. How so? Well, these are the indirect costs on carbon because the people, our local business people, have to pay the price so they need to increase the costs of their goods to keep up and cover the increases they're facing.

Many believe it's just a tax grab by our federal government.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe calls the carbon tax "inflationary" and he believes it needs to be removed.

The federal government continues to point to the rebates we've been getting. They're telling us that the direct costs we're all paying on the cost of pollution are being returned.

So, then, like many, I'm asking the question, why make us pay that tax in the first place?