Enjoy a night of laughter on Tuesday, June 18th Canadian Comedian Derek Edwards will be in Moose Jaw at the Mae Wilson Theatre at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available now at www.MooseJawCulure.ca

Here's what the show is about:

DEREK EDWARDS -  'In Praise of the Ostrich'  

With 'In Praise of the Ostrich' Derek Edwards moseys back into town on a horse-drawn comedy wagon; a searing meander down life's twisting trails, steered effortfully by this 30-year veteran. He returns with a payload of blissfully funny personal stories – a cacophony of shenanigans – set to tickle the ribs and warm the heart. 

With an easy conversational style, Derek reluctantly pulls his head out of the sand and launches into commentary on the influx of pot stores, self-driving cars, gambling tips, the challenge of staying youthful ... plus dressing warm. 

Country 100's Courtney Fielder had Derek Edwards call in to the morning show to chat about the show coming to Moose Jaw: