Cole Zahn has inked a deal that will see him try out with the Southern Professional Hockey League's Knoxville Ice Bears.


From Moose Jaw to Regina to Manitoba, and now... Tennessee?

Former Moose Jaw AAA Warrior Cole Zahn has signed a pro tryout contract with the Knoxville Ice Bears of the Southern Professional Hockey League.

AAA Warriors' coach Ray Wareham's office is dawned with pictures of alumni playing at higher levels. He says he looks forward to having a new one of Zahn. "Kevin Weeb and I were in here just the other day saying that we're going to have to start a pro wall now. Its nice when to see them move on and we're luck enough to have a western league centre here and if they're playing in the western league we can see them when they come into town and we can continue to have that success and continue to fill the walls with pictures."

Wareham also expects Cole's younger brother Teegan to move on this year and play for the Saskatoon Blades.