Growing up, we had arguably the loudest and most intimidating arena in the Civic Centre (Crushed Can). That atmosphere can’t be duplicated in the new arenas, but we can sure try.

Game one against Brandon, there was a group in the corner who started the wave, cheered and heckled loudly. Whoever that group was, COME BACK!

It was so nice to have that atmosphere in the arena. Some people don’t like loud music, which I understand, but a loud and energetic crowd is a great thing and a great adrenaline rush for our team. So, don’t sit on your hands. Clap, cheer, scream “shoot” at the worst of times like the old days, and just get behind the team that represents our city.

Have some fun and make it an event. If we want to be called a hockey town, we have to act like one.

The opposition will have fans here. Good banter is fun but welcome them and be respectful.

Cheer on our Moose Jaw Warriors Hockey Club, wear your jerseys in the community and make these games as exciting as they were in the Crushed Can during the finals!

Warriors poster for playoffs April 2024