Warriors Captain Riley Holzapfel suffered a concussion Sunday against the Regina Pats.


The diagnosis is in…

Warriors Captain Riley Holzapfel has indeed suffered a concussion after being hit by the Regina Pats Colton Tuebert in the first period of Sunday's game.

Warriors General Manager Chad Lang officially announced it Monday on the Wayne and Laverne's Warriors Roundtable.

"As everyone knows there's concussion protocol now in the Western Hockey League, so we underwent his base line testing.  He will go under somemore tests just to see if there's any improvement with his condition.  In the past 24 hours he has made a lot of progress, it's just a matter of time how long his bodies going to take to react and get back to a situation where it's safe for him to get back into action", Lang said.

The Moose Jaw Warriors have taken action and sent the video to the league officials.

"From our end I don't view Colton Tuebert as a dirty player, I think he competes extremely hard," Lang said. "But in saying that I think when we had the an opportunity to at it.  From our eyes, one, we think it's a late hit, and two, the fact that the blow was to the head we feel there should be some kind of supplementary discipline".