Rob: One more thing I want to talk about and that was the big news that was announced, actually the cat was let out of the bag in the briar patch last Wednesday night. So, we already knew what the announcement was, but then it became official on Friday that the 2025 BKT Tires World Men's Curling Championship is coming to Moose Jaw in 2025. Moose Jaw will be welcoming the world next year to the Moose Jaw Events Centre, March 29th through April 6th. Wonderful. 

Maryse: Such great news for the City of Moose Jaw. I mean, we know we can host high caliber events at our Events Center. We've done it many times in the past with the Scotties. We had the World Para Hockey Championship, but now to have the World's Men's Championship right here in Moose Jaw is exciting. I think it's exciting for the residents, exciting for curlers across the province, and in Canada, to have this event here. So, the team is already working with Curl Moose Jaw and Curling Canada as well, to prepare. So, we have a year to prepare, and I think we will be able to show the world how we can host an event of that size. 

Rob: Fabulous. Really looking forward to it. Tell me about the process, the bid process, obviously you played a role. 

Maryse: Yes, the city played a role, but I have to really give the kudos to the Moose Jaw Events Center general manager as well as Curl Moose Jaw and Curling Canada. They were the ones that did put the bid together. I have to say, I think it's only the fourth time that it (has been) in the province. So, they did put the bid together. We know curling well in Moose Jaw, we host so many events at the Events Center on the curling side. So, they did put the process together. Of course, with the support of the city. 

Rob: And the people that have been here before, for example, for the Scotties Tournament of Hearts absolutely love it because they don't have to drive too far. Some of them stay at the Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa. Some of them stay at the Grand Hall Hotel and they can walk to and from the Moose Jaw Events Center and take in the attractions and stop at the restaurants. They love it here. 

Maryse: They do love it here, and we hear that there'll be volunteers from around the world as well. So, a lot of people volunteer at all the different world curling events. So, we're ready to host people from around the world and of course, we'll be able to be here and spend some money in the city and be able to be here. So quite looking forward to the event and the buzz in the city. 

Rob: Yeah, there will be a multi-million-dollar spin-off. 

Maryse: Yes. Right now, what we're told is between 10 to 12 million, we will make sure that we have the right data, and we see the direct impact to the city. 

Rob: Yeah, and make sure all our restaurants and bars are well stocked ahead of time. 

Maryse: Yes, we need to, because for an event of that magnitude, and for all those days, we will be ready for that. 

Rob: That's for sure. The 2025 BKT Tires World Men's Curling Championship will take place March 29th through April 6th, 2025, in downtown Moose Jaw. Our city manager is Maurice Carmichael. Anything else we need to add today? 

Maryse: Really excited by all the activities that are coming to the city, and at the same time, staying very grounded with our residents and making sure that the things like potholes don't become bigger issues. 

Rob: Thanks for all you're doing, thanks for your time today. 

Maryse: Thank you.