By all accounts, the Moose Jaw Community Players' production of Notoriously Moose Jaw was a huge success.

The play, which featured 14 historical vignettes, was performed in front of two sold-out crowds at the Mae Wilson Theatre in late April.

Jarrod Jeanson, the producer of the play, says the response has been excellent.

"I think that people had their vignettes that they really loved. I think people are often surprised by how much talent there is in Moose Jaw. There is certainly a lot of dramatic and singing talent in Moose Jaw that exists and has been here for years, just kind of hidden away," noted Jeanson.

"I think the most important thing is that everybody learned something, which is kind of a nice touch," added Jeanson.

Notoriously Moose Jaw's vignettes featured a wide variety of topics from the founding of Moose Jaw and where the name for the new community came from to our notorious history with Al Capone and the tunnels to the tragic mid-air collision between Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 9 and a Royal Canadian Air Forces aircraft in 1954 where 37 people lost their lives.

The play was written and directed by Debbie Burgher and Joan Stumborg. The late Tara Gish also contributed to the effort.

With Notoriously Moose Jaw in the books, the Community Players now shift to the future following a post-production meeting.

"Now comes the strategic planning about what shows we want to do. How many do we want to do during the year, what can we accommodate and what does our budget accommodate and to see what the Cultural Centre can accommodate for dates that are available for us to put on shows," said Jeanson.

"The future is bright," added Jeanson.

The Moose Jaw Community Players is a non-profit community theatre company in Moose Jaw that competes in competitive play festivals, performs dinner theatres, and provides entertainment for the local community.