The Moose Jaw Warriors reported an overall loss of $280,413 this past season.

Outgoing President Chad Taylor addressed the issue during the team's annual general meeting held last Thursday at the Moose Jaw Events Centre.

"We're not very happy about showing a deficit," he said. "I believe sports itself, and our team specifically, we've got some challenges still with the market. Expenses are rising. We've got to find a way to contain some of them. We've addressed some of the things behind the scenes. Unfortunately, season ticket holders and fans are paying a little bit more money coming into next year. At the end of the day, we need a better agreement with the city on our lease and we're working towards that."

The Warriors paid $159,583 in rent to the Moose Jaw Events Centre last year and $441,898 to the city for Signage/Suite, shared upgrades, and club seats/community rink split for a total of $601,481.

"We are in negotiations right now for the upcoming year," continued Taylor. "We're working towards a new agreement. The city manager of Moose Jaw (Maryse Carmichael), she's been very receptive and understands the situation that we're in. I think they've also acknowledged that maybe the facility itself, that weight's been put on the Moose Jaw Warriors and they understand that we've got to find a way to balance things out."

The club deferred its Multiplex pledge commitment of $200,000 (Year 9 & 10 deferred). Eight of the ten payments have been made for a total $2,100,000.

Despite the challenges, Taylor is confident in the future success of the team.

"The community always steps up for this team, no matter what," he said. "The Moose Jaw Warriors aren't going anywhere. The Moose Jaw Warriors are healthy, they have money in the bank. Unfortunately, we're still dealing with some of the pandemic issues. We always need to do a better job of trying to find the new fan that wants to be engaged, be a part of the excitement of what the Moose Jaw Warriors bring. It's about community. We've got to get the community back engaged and wanting to come to hockey games. It takes one person at a time."

The team has a current bank balance of $747,606, with outstanding loans sitting at $312,708. The Education Fund has a balance of $308,963.

Taylor encourages fans to tell their neighbours and friends about the on-ice product.

"We've got great corporate partners, great fans, great volunteers. This club will be just fine," he added.

At the meeting, three people were acclaimed to the Board of Directors including Bob Dougall, Maggie Sinclair, and Shea Jameson.

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